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This song is by Seven Impale and appears on the album Contrapasso (2016).

What is the next step?
From conceiving the idea
To something more
And perhaps a conclusion
Something has to change
And within these walls; the only place you're safe
It is now withering, undergoing atrophy
If the next step is the last, Then I'll rather start again

Do you also have the feeling
Repugnance in the fibers of your souls host
Pity those who have seen the truth
In angel dust and the holy ghost

A tragedy in five acts without a plot
No Shakespeare sense, so it feels like you rot
A lot being said about the evils and pain
But this spectacle brings all the prophets to shame
A reason to believe is a reason to not
When this is your last shot
Spend it well, but spend your last breath
Gasp for thin air because here comes death

Well, isn't this a good day for us all?
Oh! To let yourself float around in nothingness
Be sure to bring along your favourite books
As long as it's not what some may mistake for reason

When by yourself
How can you tell what's common sense?
I doubt you'd know
Even in a haze of screams
Parting with the soul
Where your ship was left

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