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Nasty Dan

This song is by Sesame Street and appears on the album Songs From the Street: 35 Years of Music (2003).


Oscar: Who goes there?

Johnny: You'll like this.


Johnny: Old Nasty Dan was the meanest man I ever knew
He'd stomp and scream and be real mean the whole day through

(Oscar: Yeah?)

He'd frown a bunch
He ate nails for lunch
And he'd never laugh

(Oscar: Wow! I'd like him!)

He'd growl and yell and I heard tell he never took a bath

(Oscar: Wow.)

Nasty Dan

(Oscar: Nasty Dan?)

Was a nasty man!

(Oscar: Yeah?)

Hard to understand that Nasty Dan

(Oscar: Hmm.)

Now Nasty Dan was a nasty man the whole day long

(Oscar: Good for him!)

He'd go where he could and he'd try real good to make things go wrong

(Oscar: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.)

He'd jump for joy when a little boy would trip and fall

(Oscar: Really mean.)

And the only words that he ever said were "I don't like you at all."

(Oscar: Yeah, right on!)

Nasty Dan

(Oscar: Yeah.)

Was a nasty man

(Oscar: Heh, heh, heh.)

Hard to understand that Nasty Dan


Johnny: Now here's the best part, it's about a girl named Nasty Pearl.

Oscar: Oh, she sounds okay too!


Nasty Pearl was a nasty girl who met Dan somehow
She said, "You're like me, rotten as can be, let's get married now."
So they went and they did and had a nasty kid and I must confess
That Dan pretty much leaves everybody alone now
And he doesn't bother anybody anymore
'Cause he just lives in his nasty old house
With his nasty old wife

(Oscar: Yeah?)

And his nasty kid

(Oscar: Yeah?)

In nasty happiness!

(Oscar: Far out!)

Nasty Dan
He's a happy man!

(Oscar: Yeah.)

Hard to understand that Nasty Dan


Oscar: Wow, that was really great.

Johnny: You like that?

Oscar: And say, aren't you Johnny Trash?

Johnny: Cash.

Oscar: Cash, Cash.

Johnny: Have a rotten day.

Oscar: Wow, there goes my kind of guy.

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