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Just The Way You Are

This song is by Sesame Street and appears on the album Songs From the Street: 35 Years of Music (2003).

(Billy Joel and Marlee Matlin are pushing a piano to Oscar the Grouch's trash can.
When they get there, Marlee gives Billy the "go ahead" sign.)

Billy: Okay. (Knocks on trash can lid.)

Oscar (pops up from inside can): State your name, then beat it!

Billy: I'm Billy Joel.

Oscar: Billy Joel what? Cat got your last name there? Heh-heh!

Billy: Just Billy Joel.

Oscar: Oh.

Billy: And this is Marlee Matlin.

Marlee: Hi.

Oscar: Yeah, hi. (Signs "hi" to Marlee.)

Billy: We're grouch groupies.

Marlee: We love grouches!

Oscar: You love grouches? Oh, yuck!

Billy: And whenever I throw away a used piano, I give it to a grouch. And this time you're it!

Oscar (excitedly): Oh, yeah? Ooh, a used piano, man? Huh.

Billy: And Marlee helped me push this here.

(Marlee makes the sign for "muscle" to Oscar.)

Oscar: Well, while you're pushing, why don't you just both shove off? But leave my piano!

Billy: Uh, not yet, because with the piano comes a song. A love song.

Oscar: A LOVE SONG???? (Groans)

Billy: You hear the song, and then you get the piano.

Oscar: I knew there had to be strings attached!

Billy: This one's for you, Oscar.

Marlee: Right from the heart.

Oscar: Right from the heart?! Oh, I'm gonna hate this!

(Billy begins to play the piano. While he sings, Marlee signs.)

Billy: Don't go changing just to please me,
'Cause being friendly's not your style.
Don't want to hear you
Saying, "Thank you"

(Oscar: I won't!)

'Cause I would hate to see you smile.

(Oscar: I never smile!)

Just be grouchy, really grouchy.
You've done it pretty well so far.

(Oscar: Oh, a compliment! This is getting pretty sticky!)

I took the bad times; I'll take the worst times.
I'll take you just the way you are.

(Oscar: The way I am, huh? Hah! I'll change that!)

(Oscar disappears into trash can, and Marlee looks surprised.)

Don't go trying some new fashion.

(Oscar comes up wearing an orange wig.)

(Oscar: How's this?)

(Marlee runs her fingers through the wig.)

I wouldn't like you debonair.
Just keep that can you stash your trash in.
Don't even try to comb your hair.

(Oscar takes off the wig.)

(Oscar: Just get lost, huh?!)

Don't try friendly conversation.

(Oscar: It wasn't friendly!)

Don't change the oil in your car.
We just want someone that we can't talk to.
We want you just the way you are.

(Oscar: Well, you can't have me! Ah!)

(Oscar goes back down into his trash can for the second time, and Marlee looks surprised again.)

I want to know that you will always be
The same old Oscar that I knew.

(Oscar comes up wearing a disguise with the fake glasses and nose. Marlee jumps back.)

(Oscar: Is this him?! Heh-heh!)

Oh, please just keep on talking mean to me.
It makes me happy when you do.

(Oscar goes back down for a third time and comes up wearing an Indian-type mask.)

I said I love you, and that's forever.
And this I promise from the heart.

(Oscar smacks his hand to his forehead exasperatingly.)

We couldn't love you any better.

(Oscar: This is the mushiest thing I ever heard!)

We love you just the way you are.

(An instrumental solo where Marlee hugs Oscar.)

(Oscar: What are you doing?! What's this?! HEY! Never hug a grouch!
You're kissing me! Ah! Never do that to a grouch! Ugh!)

(Music stops.)

Oscar: You really know how to hurt a grouch!

Billy: Enjoy your piano!

Marlee: Have fun!

(They leave and call goodbye.)

Oscar: You don't have to give me this piano! I don't want it! I heard this piano! It's tuned!
Grouches hate love songs!

(He brightens up a bit.)

...Except this one kinda really made me angry! (Sighs)

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