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It Ain't Heavy, It's My Feather

This song is by Sesame Street.

When I go out traveling, I don't pack my bowling ball
I leave my ox, I leave my rocks, they're kinda tough to haul
I bring just one small thing that doesn't weigh me down at all
It ain't heavy, it's my feather

I can float it on the breeze, I can wear it in my hair
It's lighter than my Aunt Louise, it's lighter than my chair
And it's easier to carry than a hippo or a bear
It ain't heavy, it's my feather

Yes, with all the traveling I do, I don't want my suitcase to be loaded down with heavy things, like anchors and anvils.
I like to travel light, and to me, light means my feather. Yes, it does.

So leave behind your barbells, bid that chest of drawers adieu
Forget about your washer, you can leave your dryer, too
Well, keep things light, just one thing bright to take along with you
It ain't heavy, it's a feather
It ain't heavy, it's my feather


Music by:

Christopher Cerf

Lyrics by:

Molly Boylan

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