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B.B. King

This song is by Sesame Street and appears on the album Songs From the Street: 35 Years of Music (2003).

Benny: Yeah!

All: All right! B.B. King!

B.B.: Thank you! And now I'd like to sing a song about my favorite letter, the letter B.

Benny: Oh B, B, I love B!

Bert: Nice choice.


B.B: I'm a ruler who loves "B" words
So they call me B.B. King
Yes, I'm a monarch who loves "B" words
So they call me B.B. King

Yeah, the blues began with a "B"
So, they're the only kinda songs I sing

Without the letter "B"
There couldn't be a beard
Without the letter "B"
No, it couldn't have a beard
Hey now, what do you think of that?

(Benny: Man, I think it's pretty weird

Bert: Yeah, you're grooving now. Yeah, play it B.B., play it. He's not called the King for nothin'!)

B.B.: Without the letter 'B'
There'd be no Bert

(Benny: Bye Bert! So much for you!)

B.B.: And there'd be no bunny rabbits.

(Benny: That's Benny!)

B.B.: That's why I'm feelin' blue
Without the 'B' there'd be no Big Bird
There'd be no Baby Bear
There'd be no king B.B.

(All: Wow, he vanished in thin air.

B.B.: But we do have the Letter 'B'.

All: Let's hear it for the letter 'B'!)

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