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House of Worship

This song is by Serpentine Path and appears on the album Emanations (2014).

House of worship
Built to crumble
No sleep for the witches
Under a foul spell

Rats invade the basement
False indivisible theory
Goats in lavish extravagance
Sheep bathing in the blood

House of worship
Built to crumble
Vapid empty terrain
Cursed burial grounds

Clandestine medicine man
Famine under black out
Conditioned not to lash out
Holy intimidation

Nervous system crooked
Alleviated by submission
Punctured bleeding surfaces
Crows devouring the pieces
Memory wiped clean
One day the wall will crumble
Peril of uncertainty
War of the unknown


Music by:

Tim Bagshaw

Lyrics by:

Ryan Lipynsky

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