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Disfigured Colossus

This song is by Serpentine Path and appears on the album Emanations (2014).

No longer towering above all
Maimed beyond repair
No longer ruling on the throne
Malignant conditions

Drained of life force through violence
Fracture facade forevermore

Disfigured Colossus

Crumbling fortresses horrify all
Veering into the unthinkable
Cowering beneath the horrendous
Venturing into the unknown

Drained of life force through violence
Fire forces the fragile fate

Disfigured Colossus

Tyrant has been silenced
Sheer force changes the future
Invincible has been unhinged
Souls search for sanctuary


Music by:

Tim Bagshaw

Lyrics by:

Ryan Lipynsky

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