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The Unborn Never Die

This song is by Serious Black and appears on the album Mirrorworld (2016).

The devil that you know
Is the company you keep
Can you tell me who you think you are
And why the devil you never sleep?
Take a look around
There's terror everywhere
Before too long the sun goes down
And night is in my care

The unborn never die
The unborn never die

I can taste it in the air
The dark seed has been sown
A taste of immortality
That the devil's never known
Climb the golden stairs
You're never going home
'Cause when it comes to playing life
You lose it on your own

The unborn never die
The unborn never die

A child denied forevermore
Resides inside you all
No more deceit
I told you so
Take my hand it's time to go

There's a sadness in my heart
There's no mirror to my soul
There's a sea of broken lives
A sea filled up with whys

No sadness, no pain
No struggle in vain
All that matters is
They've nothing to lose
No reason to cry
There's nothing to choose
And the unborn never die

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