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Everything\'s So Real

This song is by Semtex.

I will control my source
To have control of my thoughts
They are like waterfalls
Everything's so fucking real
Dreaming of a new life
Without my neck and my knife
Why can't you see that
Everything's so fucking real?
To me, why can I not be a shadow
Running through this world and not seen
From the real
Bamm - here's the lighting hit me
Getting under my skin
Spreading over my body
Everything's so fucking real
Hidden for the last track
The last walk we will go
And then I come out and
Everything's so fucking real
Forget the past and the years
Of pain - you will congratulate me
That the day will be so beautiful
And the sun will shine so I can
Walk my way to her where I
Never forget and I will
See and realize that
Everything's so fucking

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