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This song is by Seether and appears on the album One Cold Night (2006).

This song is a cover of "Immortality" by Pearl Jam.
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Vacate is a word, vengeance has no place so near to her
Cannot find a comfort in this world
Artificial tears, the vessel's stabbed, next up, volunteers
Vulnerable, wisdom can't adhere

A truant finds home
And a will to hold on
There's a trapdoor in the sun
It's immortality

As privileged as a whore, victims in demand for public show
Swept out through the cracks beneath the door
Holier than thou, how, surrendered executed anyhow
Scrawls resolved, cigar box on the floor

A truant finds home
And a will to hold on to
There's a trapdoor in the sun...

...It's immortality

I cannot stop the thought, of running out the door
Coming up, a which way sign, and all good truants must decide
Oh stripped and sold alone, and an auctioned forearm
And whiskers in the sink

A truant finds home, and a will to hold on to
Some die just to live, oh


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