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The Ascent (2012)Edit

Secrets - The Ascent
The Ascent
  1. Genesis
  2. The Oath
  3. Somewhere in Hiding
  4. The Heartless Part
  5. 40 Below
  6. Melodies
  7. The Best You Can't Be
  8. Blindside
  9. The Hardest Part
  10. You Look Good in Plastic
  11. The Ascent

Fragile Figures (2013)Edit

Secrets - Fragile Figures
Fragile Figures
  1. How We Survive
  2. Ready For Repair
  3. Forever and Never
  4. Artist vs Who?
  5. Wasted Youth, Pt. 1
  6. The Architect, Pt. 2
  7. Maybe Next May
  8. Fragile Figures
  9. Live Together, Die Alone
  10. Infinite Escape
  11. Sleep Well, Darling

Songs On Compilations And SoundtracksEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. Dance Of The Dead
  2. For What It's Worth
  3. Left Behind
  4. Ready For Repair (Captain Midnight Remix)
  5. Rise Up
  6. The One With No One
  7. You're Wrong

Additional information

Band members:
  • Aaron Melzer- lead vocals, unclean vocals (since 2013)
  • Richard Rogers - rhythm guitar, clean vocals (since 2010)
  • Michael Sherman - lead guitar (since 2010)
  • Michael Owens - bass guitar (since 2012)
  • Joe English - drums (since 2010)
Former members:
  • Xander Bourgeois - lead vocals (2010-2013)
  • Marc Koch - Bass Guitar (2010–2012)
Related artists:
Record labels:

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