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Gun To A Knife Fight

This song is by Sebastian Bach and appears on the album Give 'Em Hell (2014).

I drink like I got something to prove
& I fight like I got nothin' left to lose

On the bar, broken body in two
Faster on the draw than you ever saw, now
I'm standing over you

I haven't always known a right from wrong & on & on
Try, there's a lesson that I have to learn & solve

I live by the bullet and the blade
You'll try, ain't never gonna put me in my grave
Heart of steel, ain't nothin' I feel
I'd walk through hell before a prison cell
Ain't gonna take your deal

Dream about you every night
Sing into the pale moonlight
Die, but I'll die on my own terms
You won't take me alive

I don't wanna back away again, no
I don't wanna say no more
I just wanna even the score
I don't wanna lay my weapons down again

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