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State of Mine

This song is by Sebadoh and appears on the album Defend Yourself (2013).

They've got the calves of champions
They greet the warmest way
They are the dads, the main ones
They've got some money saved
(Yeah, I'm sorry but I don't)

Another kind of classroom
Another shade of fear
Another door you're shoved through
Until you conquer your fear
(And I wonder if I won't)

To let the children go
To feel themselves to hurt and grow
It's the hardest thing I I've done
And I haven't even done it yet
Thought I was wise, averted my eyes
Avoided the light, went head down through it
But I was wrong I've gotta be strong
And hold my head up high
Failure is a state of mine

Back in Massachusetts
In my familiar role
Afraid to make decisions
But had to test my soul
The girl wanted to live here
And I follow my love
Came to California
Enough was never enough
(Yeah, I know, I know, I know)

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