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Let It Out

This song is by Sebadoh and appears on the album Defend Yourself (2013).

I didn't want to say no to myself again
I didn't want to let you slip away

So I told you how I feel and you told me how you feel
And that is why we're lying here today

Understood the situation
Understood why it could fail
I knew how far and fast if we might fall
Still I'm holding on to whatever turns me on
The promise of a new familiar way

Full up with fear to be destroyed
Anger and doubt
That's Why I'm here, to make it disappear
Let it out

I need more love don't have enough
There's so much more I wanna feel
And to be touched is to be real

You're the grace in my addiction
Risk my life to hear you smile
Let my patient demons have their way
And bear my soul to the limit of control
The edge that we go over everyday

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