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Son of a Gun

This song is by Search The City and appears on the album A Fire So Big The Heavens Can See It (2008).

So, let me get this story straight,
This was just a chance you had to take.
Did I even cross your mind?
This'll be the last time you cross mine.
We were slick as thieves.
Just like a thief, you stole the best of me-
White lies and wild lives inbetween.

For Heaven's sake, I see right through you.
I've got secrets, too.
You're the gun and I can be your bullet to go down on.
Take your best shot 'cause you only get one.

(Are your strings tied tight for proper movement?)
Take a deep, deep breath.
(I'm dying just to wrap these strings around your neck.)
I'll stitch my eyes wide open
'Cause I don't want to miss
The look on your face when I drive away.
You know you're sharp,
But sharp just doesn't cut it anymore.
I'll show you a side of me, you've never seen before.


When it all bottoms out...
I love it when you say you don't remember anything.



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