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The Hour Of Burning

This song is by Sear Bliss and appears on the album Forsaken Symphony (2002).

Threatening clouds darken my sky
The air is filled with infernal heat
Wicked flames are longing to taste
Her witching body
Ghastly voices echo in the dusk
Faceless demons waiting for their feast to come
When the dark sky is about to open

Despair and horror everywhere
The terrific visions became reality
There's no way to escape
It is the utter end

Memories fade away
Like when mountain disappear
In thick haze

Despair and horror everywhere
The time has come to understand
The lethal wisdom of hell

The angry flames like hungry wolves bite the flesh
They're licking her with ecstatic lust
Time passes slowly when she is devoured by fire

Only fine ashes you leave
But your spirit unseen flies away

Time and space do no more restrain
You step out on the way of stars again
Step out on the way of stars again...

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