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This song is by Seachange and appears on the album Lay Of The Land (2004).

The side of the road
They call it the ditch
You get trapped inside
Then they call the police

Well its amazing here
You take 5 whole years tumbling over yourself
Thank and please fuck you.

I got a bomb in my heart

Mutiny on board
Well I'll take command
Get out of my way
Before the workers stand

It's been a million years
Since they walked the earth
The reason they failed
'Cause they never had a space programme

Head out East
With a bag of weed
Get to the top of the hill
There's Americans there

Well lets make it clear
I've got a bomb strapped to my heart
Gonna blow me right outta here

I got a bomb in my heart

Sat on the moon
Hippie child
Watching all the people
With a smirk on your face

You're the king of you
Sat on your thrown
Entering the atmosphere
Just by holding a stone

I got a bomb in my heart

Satellite come down etc

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