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This song is by Sea Bastard and appears on the album Great Barrier Riff (2011).

The same
With no names
Same place
Same town
Same thoughts
Same frown

Same shit
No change
Nothing new
Nothing strange
So tired
Of this
World of shit

Seeping through the edges
The poison takes a hold
Despair and paranoia
Begin to take control
No hope for the future
I'm dwelling in the past
How does melancholy
Always creep up so fast?

Can't pretend it's all OK
Can't do it any more
I try to forget but I
Can't help keeping score
Always I'm the loser
Rejected like a freak
Always thinking too much
Never knowing what I seek

I must break free
From this mentality
Death of all thought
Not what I sought

Consuming me
Nothing is left
Forlorn, bereft