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Aqua Vitae

This song is by Sea Bastard and appears on the album Great Barrier Riff (2011).

Hello to you my old friend
Can you help me? I am lost
I need you to show me the way
And I don't care the cost
Imbue me with your strength
That soothing warmth from deep inside
Just let me lose myself
Sit back, enjoy the ride

When life's too much
You're always there
Help me forget
Those things that I just cannot bear
You free me from
My self-forged chains
And let me feel
That I am human again

Hello again my old friend
It hasn't been too long
Was with you just last night but
Still my need for you is strong
You're always there for me when
I'm feeling down
And when I am with you
You'll never see me frown

Need to escape
You'll always help
Me to forget
My wretched self
You take control
Make a man of me
But do you really
Set me free?

Guzzle down the water of life
Free myself from daily strife
Forget the things I cannot change
No thought to tomorrow's pain

Raging on throughout the night
Continuing through morning's light
When I stop, I don't recall
The things that I have done at all

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