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This song is by Scythe and appears on the album The Process Of Rotting (2004).

Solitude caressses from nowhere
Once where I have been
And now again I return to this place
I was too weak to stay
Solitude caresses from another heart
Where I want to be
I wish that you've never left me
But now I'm free

I - I will return again
To join your fascinating soul
I wish I could get out of me
Sometimes transforming in another one
Now you're straight in front of me
I can't see you
Ignorance, oblivion
She cannot see me

Vanished in another sphere
Above the fears of this time
And now you'll find the anwers
And solutions to your life
Now you know how to go on
And how to win
So long ago you started fighting
For her

Solitude caresses from nowhere
Once - I've never been before
To join with me the sunrise
To remember all the good times
I know there may be a way
A small path to go
I will find it
I will find it I know

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