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Silent Is The Future

This song is by Scythe and appears on the album The Process Of Rotting (2004).

I can't tell you what is wrong with me
I can't tell you what's unreal
I can't tell you if love is hate
Reality is what I feel
So you will pay for your faults
You will pay 'cause I have nothing to lose
Through the clouds of despair
Of juvenile resignation

Used to be a sinner
Used to be insane
Another day is born now
My life starts new again
Do you believe
There's something in this world
Do you believe
Better is the same as worse

Do you believe
In the fairytales of a rainy day
Do you believe
In a better world

Silent is the future

Evening has arrived
The sun is gone, darkness dwells
Darkness dwells under the surface of night
Soon we will be one with the sun
One with the stars
And I believe in a world of life
This is not unreal...
United for the last time in our lives
Yet, nothing can split my memories
Pasttime thoughts, they don't leave me alone
Desires for a never reappearing time
Sweet dreams you will carress my mind
Hopelessnes-I'm unaware of the future
Silent is the future...

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