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Path In The Snow

This song is by Scythe and appears on the album The Process Of Rotting (2004).

Nothingness has roamed here tonight
I haven't experienced another life
So darkness preached it's the only way
Existing in life disguised
Darkness is leading me
Into night
Suddenly all turns to ice in the cyclons
You realize a path in the snow near your feet
Tombland, it will be yours
No one knows that I'm here

Path in the snow
That's the way we want to go
Mysteriously I found a ring
In the realms of forbidden kings
Entering forbidden caves
I'm keeping a secret in me
Darkness is leading me
Into night

Youth is a gift someone brought it to me
Like the winds of '94
Hear the mystic sound of the ocean
I roamed here so long ago

Home again I feel free and life
Has come back to fill up my senses
Struggeling during years of night
I'm home now, I am alive
Neverland where I was born
Always was a part of me
Ruling my world for years and years
I'm keeping a treasure in me
Nowhereland's leading me
Into night

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