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More Than Only Dead

This song is by Scythe and appears on the album The Process Of Rotting (2004).

As the winter returns to my eyes
The remains of a forest in a blackened sky
The moon is lightning my way
To a time in life I could escape
More than only lack
The dwelling pain inside me again
More than a trap
More than only dead

Your secret is your vengeance
The expression of your time
And as the wind returns to my front
You are mine

More than only dead
All that was to regret
You will forget
More than only dead

So today I am searching
Searching for the ravens in the forest
Sinister guide of the night follow me to misty woods
Join us in this blast

Sinister in foggy winterforests
Darkness in my soul
Anger in my innerself
Play the starring role

More than only dead

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