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​Van Drunk

This song is by Scud Mountain Boys and appears on the album Massachusetts (1996).

I wasn't happy to hear you'd been wasted
When you made all those TV shows
The whiskey and the mouthwash
And Mary's fine underclothes
Can't hide all the trouble you knew

Each night in my parlor
I leaned on my elbows
The ottoman got you again
Well that was a dim light
Compared to the way you fell
Over and over and over

You was there when you knew for sure
The world would disappear
And you were alive
Though it's negligence
How you made it by
To reach me there from a satellite
Thread hung from a pin and nail
Yeah, I was alive
Though it's negligent
How I weaseled by

The dumb leading the blind to water
Will I see you there?
Would you care if I told
Of some of the things I've seen in there
And hey, would you mind if I turned to you
On a blue lit screen at night?

The blind leading the dumb to water
Will I see you there?
The damned leading the damned to heaven
Will I see you there?

It's out of the question
I won't even mention it
'Cause I've got no money to burn
So ask in the late night
Your scent of this suicide
And breath is abated for you
To return