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Sour Grapes

This song is by Screaming Females and appears on the album Power Move (2009).

Maybe the day
That she met mama
Her tiny fingers framed
Her face, in light
It was so flawless
That she was a ghost

Okay, it's fine to hold her ransom
On her wedding day
Deflowered, reviled
And tossed aside
It's useless anyway

I find your son dead in the alley
I find your friends decayed
I see sour grapes on the table
For all the guests to take

I'll run back home
In the old man's slippers
And take the widest route
So I can see the west and
What animals I should shoot

Okay, I beat the beanbag open
The kids cried in their seats
Parenting, it just seems to hopeless
With the way they look at me

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