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This song is by Scorpions Wind.

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Never forgive, never forget
Never, never
Never forgive, never forget
Never, not ever

I once imagined the lie to be the ultimate enemy;
An enemy of life and of everything worthwhile in life;
A pestilence that would sooner or later corrupt all
That is grand and noble in life;
Debasing truth and beauty in equal measures;
Casting it's ugly shadow over everything.

Now I realize that truth and beauty and nobility are
Eternal; they cannot be debased by the lie.
They cannot be destroyed by the lie.
They live forever.
Only mankind can be debased by the lie.
Only mankind can be left by the light far far afield;
From truth, from beauty, from purity.

And when man becomes sufficiently debased, every
Eternal value shall pronounce judgment upon them
And shall act as their judge, and their jury, and their

Now I've learned to love the lie.
I love the poison it spreads.
I love the weakness it engenders.
I love the seeds of destruction it sows,
And I love the judgment it brings.

The lie is not an enemy of truth;
It is an ally of truth.
It prepares the way, it balances the books, and it
Makes clean the slate.

Bring my enemies before me
And slay them

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