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Pc Hypocrisy

This song is by Schizma and appears on the album State Of Mind (2001).

Talk shit is all you can
Base your critique on what you overheard
Stop bitchin' or you might get hurt
You ain't even seen a real fight yet

You don't know what you're talking' about
Rumors just what you're blowing up
I'll shove up your ass, your macho clichés
Never talked to me, how can you talk about me?

I am blood, l am sweat
And you're just fucking tears

Don't give a fuck if I'm the king of the pit
Just represent hard-core to the fullest
Blood n' sweet it's me and you're just tears
We live the you don't dare to dream of

P.C. hypocrisy
Kid you don't know the reality
Pay respect and you'll get it back
Nobody gets hurt unless they deserve that

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