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Cat People

This song is by Schäffer the Darklord.

My Cat People, throw your paws in the air - Meow Meow Meow Meow
And wave them all around, but do it like you care - Meow Meow Meow Meow

Here kitty kitty here kitty kitty here
Little kitty licks her front paw washes her ear
Tickle on her whisker little cat'll attack
Grab your wrist with the front claws kick with the back
And she can swipe like THIS - (Whisssh!)
Back off an attacker with a HISS - (Hssss!)
And the kitty's moaning owns ya
Oh no, did you know there's ammonia in her PISS - (Psssss!)
Let me stroke your fur, let me hear you purr, kitty cat
Oh my god, you're so cute, dammit, look at that
Arching your back high, flashing the cat eye
Fighting with mice with nine lives like you'll never die
For some our cats are less like pets than our kids
And we worship them like the ancient Egyptians did, and we are...

Cat People - Meow Meow Meow
Right now, all the kitties in the house, show the fangs in your mouth
As you pounce on a mouse, we are...
Cat People - Meow Meow Meow
With their little bitty claws on their little kitty paws
Get down with a round of applause, for my...
Cat People - Meow Meow Meow
Good god, we're odd, no dogs allowed,
But we're proud and we meow it loud, we're...
Cat People - Meow Meow Meow
Rub 'em like you love 'em right now
And all my bitchy little kitties say "Meow."

Petting on my pussy like he wanted me, wanted me to
Do you do what you cat wants you to do, sure you do
'Cause our cats control our actions and they run this system
Our homes really belong to them we just live with them

Four story cat tree stands in the corner
Of the home of the owner holding a laser pointer
Little bag of cat nip fast to attract them
Post for the action, attack with the scratching
Acting like a captain as they pace in the place
Making biscuits in your lap with their ass in your face
Break-Hit the sack, 10-hour cat nap
Feline makes a beeline for your lap
But when you leave and come home, you're all alone
'Cause kitty's out the cat door, listen for moans
Oh no, no note by the phone or the dish
Little kitty never licked the liver, chicken or fish
Leave the ball of yarn, all in the yard for the breeding
As all the cat people in here hearing this beat are in heat and we are...

Not all cat people belong to the same team
What I mean is that not all of us are quite what we seem
You see, all of us inside have beating hearts that are warm
But some of have powers into cats we transform

Under a full moon or a quarter moon or a half moon
In a bad mood with bad breath yes cat food
Like werewolves but wolves are dogs
And we're cats so we're sleeky sneaking in through the fog
And we all have a little pink butt
So now tell me what you think of that - What?
Playing with our own cats as cats
That's a fact, together in packs we can track rats
We can play real mean chase each other up a screen
Or a tree or play sweet and even lick each other clean
Ravenous animals act a little wild
And we do it like humans, kitty-style
Fighting and fucking and hunting and sleeping
And breeding and eating and killing and that's
What we do when we're kitties next morning we're human
We laughed and we cried it was better than Cats

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