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Holding Stare

This song is by Scaterd Few and appears on the album Jawboneofanass (1994).

The Holding Stare that lurks around me everywhere
Completes the vacant eyes and ignorant side you choose to stare
To hide behind in sinful despair
The black to see humanity weaves all imagery in the likeness of guilt over you

The chambers of deadly are sowed from your heart
And sucking the life blood spills to the floor
And evil is laughing over you
Laughing death over you

So listen...

Repeat Our Father, Jesus Christo
Virgin Mary, and Saint Peter
Calling upon an exorcist
Casting out demonic unrest
Faith in Religious ceremonies
Putting trust in Spiritual Overtures
Life of Goodness, Pious Appeal
Holy Fervor, Fanatical Zeal
Works of Mercy, Door to Door
Counting beads, Repeat some more

The wisdom of man, Peace within self
Salvation means found in our tasks
I'm a God - You're a God
Evil is negative energy
You are a positive energy
Heaven and hell are a state of mind
God is a human insecurity
An inner force, The essence of time
A political lie, to keep us in line
Then who is Jesus
Who is Jesus to you

The Holding Stare that lurks around me everywhere
Like a Hall of Tortures between the ears
That contaminates the heart and all you hear
Here The truth to see hold the Ring of Keys
To release you free from the bondage of Hell over you

Till the chambers of deadly are gouged from your heart
And the Blood of the Lamb is free to spill out
The laughter of evil continues to smile
Laughing - Death
Holding - Death
Smiling - Death

Laughing death over you
So listen to the holding stare

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