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Anywhere I Lay My Head (2008)Edit

Scarlett Johansson - Anywhere I Lay My Head

Anywhere I Lay My Head

  1. Fawn
  2. Town With No Cheer
  3. Falling Down
  4. Anywhere I Lay My Head
  5. Fannin Street
  6. Song For Jo
  7. Green Grass
  8. I Wish I Was In New Orleans
  9. I Don't Wanna Grow Up
  10. No One Knows I'm Gone
  11. Who Are You
  12. Yesterday Is Here (iTunes deluxe edition bonus track)
  13. I'll Shoot The Moon (iTunes deluxe edition bonus track)

Live Session EP (iTunes Exclusive) (2008)Edit

Scarlett Johansson - Live Session EP (iTunes Exclusive)

Live Session EP (iTunes Exclusive)

  1. Falling Down
  2. Boys Don't Cry
  3. Who Are You
  4. Green Grass
  5. I Wish I Was in New Orleans
  6. Anywhere I Lay My Head
  7. Innocent When You Dream

Break Up (2009)Edit

Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson - Break Up

Break Up

  1. Relator
  2. Wear and Tear
  3. I Don't Know What to Do
  4. Search Your Heart
  5. Blackie's Dead
  6. I Am the Cosmos
  7. Shampoo
  8. Clean
  9. Someday
CD 2: Live at KCRW
  1. Relator
  2. Blackie's Dead
  3. I Don't Know What to Do
  4. Search Your Heart
  5. Shampoo
  6. Stop Your Sobbin'

Apart (2018)Edit

Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson - Apart


  1. Iguana Bird
  2. Bad Dreams
  3. Movies
  4. Cigarillo
  5. Tomorrow (remix)

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Other SongsEdit

  1. Just Like Honey (live) with The Jesus And Mary Chain
  2. Set It All Free

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