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Loved You Better

This song is by Scared Weird Little Guys and appears on the album Bits And Pieces (2004).

We do have a song to play now, it's actually a love song which we wrote recently didn't we?
Let's hear it again

You're always naggin' me to pick up my clothes
You make me clean behind my ears, and in between my toes
You're on about the toilet seat, and you think my cooking's bland
I loved you better when you were a man

We met fifteen years ago on the same football team
You used to drink Vic Bitter, not Baileys Irish Cream
You once rocked with Barnesy, now it's all Kenny G
I loved you better when you stood up to pee

Technology and silicone have helped you find the truth
The hormone treatment's working, and your breasts are living proof
Now I call you Doris, I used to call you Dave
You're beautiful, though you still shave

Take it, John
That's all I've got

Things have changed since you went under the knife
You once were my best man, now you're my wife
You still can't undo a bra with just one hand
I loved you better, when you were a man

You used to scratch your testicles, now you keep 'em in a can
I loved you better when you were a man

Rusty on the banjo

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