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Locked Out

This song is by Scanner and appears on the album Hypertrace (1988).

It's so serious
They destroyed all of us
All my comrades they have gone
I'll endure the pain
This hate I cannot tame
Sole survivor alone in space

I was changed to kill the enemy
But they launched me into space

Locked out - five lonesome years
Locked out - they don't know I'm still here
Locked out - for 2000 days
Locked out - so much time to pray

Hear, our fate is just like yours
It's restrained by doubtful cures
We will help you to be free
To return and make them see

I deliberate
How I can infiltrate
All my vengeance must come true
No steel barricades
Could save them from my rage
Whole desire born of hate

Now I'm set free from non-gravity
And I must no longer stay

Locked out - five wasted years
Locked out - they don't know that I am here
Locked out - still I am alive
Locked out - no time to build up hate

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