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Split (2004)Edit

  1. Split (Original Extended)
  2. Split (X-Morph Mix by Monitor)

Hello My Name Is Scandy (2005)Edit

  1. Rock Me
  2. Split
  3. So Do Eye

So Do Eye (2005)Edit

  1. So Do Eye
  2. So Do Eye (Greg Churchill "Two Steps Forward" Mix)
  3. So Do Eye (Martin Eyerer's Retro Journey)

13 Ways To Masturbate (2006)Edit

13 Ways To Masturbate
13 Ways To Masturbate
  1. Crush On A Robot
  2. Puppy Love
  3. Just Human
  4. U N Me
  5. Me So Horny
  6. Woofer Excursion Test
  7. Soul Free
  8. Iron Pitbull
  9. One Naked Nation
  10. I Saw God On TV
  11. Touch It
  12. We Are Celebrating
  13. Down

A Tribute To A-Ha (2009)Edit

  1. Crying In The Wind
  2. I Call Your Name
  3. You Are The One
  4. Take On Me
  5. The Blood That Moves The Body
  6. Cry Wolf
  7. Stay On These Roads
  8. Touchy
  9. Manhattan Skyline
  10. The Sun Always Shines On TV
  11. I've Been Losing You
  12. Hunting High And Low
  13. Train Of Thought
  14. The Living Daylights

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