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​Ragnaradi Eve

This song is by Scald and appears on the album Will of the Gods Is Great Power (1996).

You don't have the power over earth
The time is not coming
Sunset's wave is rising to break again
The gods drive out of sea
In battles create the earth

Gods light the fire's torch by Valhalla keep
And in sigh of that not to be
In the darkness burn, Anger of waves boiling the sea
Throw to foots of rocks, The shore drowning their
Earths what the sea give

In the darkness of storms
Torch is burning, Sea comes
Waves swill stone shore again
Sea wait the hour of Ragnaradi
Wait for the death

Torch of Valhalla
Waves will kill your fire
Sea will kill the gods

In the darkness of storms
Torch is burning
Dead darkness
Covered the fire
Endless power
Sea till take
Twilight wait
The tribe of gods
In the darkness of storms