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This song is by Scäm Luiz and appears on the album Braincandy (1997).

Know that lady called 'Dynamite'
She's gonna wiggle her ass tonight
Every Friday from five to nine
Waiting tables at the 'Wine-O-Dine'

I order a shake for the 59th time
'Cause when she turns her back
I take a look at her behind

Big brown eyes
Red hot lips
An Ab-Flex-body
And tight round hips

When I said goodbye
She smiled at me
This time I didn't go home alone
She draged me into the twilight zone

Wiggle that ass

Know that lady called 'Dynamite'
She knows how to wiggle that ass alright
Know the lady and what she does

Like a shark she'll always track you down
When she smells you, you can run
But you can't hide