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The Real Thing

This song is by Scäm Luiz and appears on the album Braincandy (1997).

Since the 'Big Bang' we all knew what to do
We come together and we do, do, dooo that thing
We multiplied but we didn't intend
Just having fun, look where it got us

In the end the feeling is right
We're doing it all night
We're going for the real thing baby
Human instinct is controlling the scene

We should know better, still we spread our genes
Kids are crawling all over the floor
I love my lady so we keep getting more and more

We do it, we do it, we do it all night
Do you feel the right tempo
Are you comfy with the tempo
Do you feel the vibration
Oh you got the right tempo
Girl you got the right tempo
Not too fast, not too slow
Here we go, here we go

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