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The Daylight

This song is by Scäm Luiz and appears on the album Heading for the Dream (1992).

Mary loves her children right
She's got to work until she drops at night
Although amelioration's out of sight
It's all right - she says it's all right

She rather lives her life from day to day
For all she knows there is no other way
And for existence she breaks down and prays

Because she loves the daylight
In spite of misery and all her pain
She'll always see the sunshine through the rain
As long as blood is flowing through her veins
It's all right

She says that God has given you a chance
To last a lifetime, it's all in your hand
She says she'll treasure it until the end

Because she loves the daylight

She's all right now
She'll o.k. now

We'll have to fight
Each in our own way now

She believes that somewhere along
The way we misunderstood cause
This world was made for all men - people -
Men - people - creeds - all races
Everybody all over the world

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