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Where the Hurt Is

This song is by Say Anything and appears on the album Baseball (2001).

To you my friend, I send my best regards
I hope that all is well and good in Neverland
And it's been one month since goodbyes rang out and echoed long
Across the distance time had carved
It seems there's nothing left to do since you've gone and left me here in the street
The taste of ocean water is bleak and the cold wind's blowing at my bleeding feet
Why can't I keep you from my heart?
Why is there nothing I can do get over you
Could be regret time I've lost, could be I see mountaintops
Baby miss you since you've gone
And we stared up high out where the stars almost burnt out a hole in the sky
But now the sky is faded and it's burnt around the edges
From this lawn all crisp and yellow where I lie
I should have known not to seal up my mouth and leave it alone
But now I scream across this gap across this endless space
'Cause you blessed me girl
Then you robbed me of my fragile world
And I miss you, girl, more than anything in the world
Take me as I am
'Cause I would do anything if only I could see you
I'm deprived of hope, I'm God's sick joke, because he took you away
And you blessed me girl then you robbed me of my fragile world
And I miss you, girl, more than anything in the world
And I've learned to hate this place
I want to burn it down and run away and
Until I see your face, I will loathe this house I will hate this house
Home is where the hurt is
Because it's far away from you
Falling out of love is like giving up a drug
I can't move on with my life
You have my heart as fractured as it is
Even if we have to say goodbye

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