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The Presidential Suite

This song is by Say Anything.

You've been led on
Yes, you were wrong
The whole time

You've been led on
Completely wrong
The whole time

They pave the way for every second of the day
It is no myth; no it's the Bible of the God
That they erected on the ashes of your neighborhood
He's looming like, like the god of blunder
Lie lie lie lie lie lie lie
You sing to sing his praise because you're lazy
And you've been taught too much to learn.
Another pawn, a pink flamingo on the lawn
On the capitol of shame
With you buried head and only you to blame

The rodeo begins. They take us for a ride, and we are flailing
But as hard as we may buck, the king of fools is still in place and fit to rule.
You fucking praise him. Yes, you fellate him with your trust
Your parents' parents made this happen, yeah eat your words and fold your napkins
Another pawn, a pink flamingo on the lawn, and that's all you'll ever be.
And if you thought that you were free, well...

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