Sawyer Brown:Billy Does Your Bulldog Bite Lyrics

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Billy Does Your Bulldog Bite

This song is by Sawyer Brown and appears on the album Shakin' (1986).

Well, there's a girl in the neighborhood
I think she likes me but I don't know for sure
I walk by and she's wavin' from the door
Her kid brother's got a dog that's mean
Meanest dog that I've ever seen
I can't even set a foot in her yard
Hey little Billy, why you laughin' so hard?

Billy does your bulldog bite?
I gotta see your sister tonight
I wanna kiss and hold her tight
So quit foolin' around and tell me
Billy does your bulldog bite?

So I went down to the pound
And I got me a female hound
One that little bulldog would like
And I turned her lose on him tonight

So Billy where's your bulldog's bite?
Haven't seen him around here all night
I bet that now he feels alright
I don't miss him a bit
So tell me Billy where's your bulldog's bite?

I used to have to say