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This song is by Saving Grace and appears on the album The King Is Coming (2011).

As in the days of old the glory fills the temple of the Lord. We are your temple...
This burning deep inside of my heart, these lips adorned with praise. My hands raised in worship lost in the wonder of your ways.
Come now and take your place Lord, bring forth new winds of change. Set our lives ablaze with fire bring down your Heavenly rain.
We are your temple
Burn away the darkness of sin, fill these hands with seeds of truth. Show the path and I will follow, let your Spirit lead me through.
This hunger taking over my life, this thirst for heavenly ways. These eyes are filled with visions, this heart your dwelling place.
Come reign here Holy Spirit, bring forth a storm of change. Set our tongues ablaze with fire, bring down your Heavenly glory. glory
You made these hands, now take these hands. Lord fill these hands. Lord fill these hands with seeds of truth.
Bring down your fire down.

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