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​Cross Contamination

This song is by Saving Grace and appears on the album The King Is Coming (2011).

Flesh mingles with spirit and so begins the dilution. The fatal compromise. Septic hypocrisy. Muscles clench, forcing vomit over the congregation's eager ears. Catering to the carrion... rot permeates the living. Deception devours selflessness and the streets run with the blood of the truth. Walking hand in hand with the great masquerade, wading knee deep in the blood of the truth. Once could see, but now are blind. Wading knee deep in the blood of the truth. The peoples need for God is intercepted by a watery imitation, serving our carnal nature, justifying self gratification. Though th engirt is dark, new light is yet to come. Though you bend and break, His strength is in your weakness.
And through the bloodiest trials, new character is forged. Though the war is won, the battle rages on.
His kingdom will be preached and so will His testimony. The Gospel lives.