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​Beware The Apostates

This song is by Saving Grace and appears on the album The King Is Coming (2011).

Prophecy fulfilled in creeping defilement. Condemned ones bring perversion and disgrace. Disgust, spitting in His face.
Denial of the Father, denial of the Master. His grace and wrath, both equally righteous. Disloyal wings forever shackled in darkness.
Ruins in flames, immortality punished. The clock strings the hour inflicting destruction.
Blasphemy of the glorious ones through transgression of flesh. Dreamers of dreams scorn and reject authority.
"Behold the Lord comes with ten thousands of His Holy Ones" Righteous judgement poured out... words and deeds judged alike.
"These are hidden reefs at your love feasts." Hiding, faceless, devoid of truth. "They feast with you without fear." Fearless, soulless, shameless and sick (liars)
Eternally black... As for you, be built upon the most holy faith. Let the mere scent of sin turn your face in disgrace.
Show the mercy you've been shown and to doubters show grace. Be the one who, through Christ, snatches souls from the flames.
Glory! Majesty! Dominion! Authority!