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No Good with Secrets

This song is by Saturday Looks Good To Me and appears on the album All Your Summer Songs (2003).

Every time that you shout from across the street
It never comes out as sound, just the way you look at me
What have you heard about me
From those kids I always see you hanging out with?
What kind of gossip and calculations?
We've got something to hide on my side of town
I know it's no real surprise, but word gets around
I don't know what you've heard about me
From those kids I always see you hanging out with
Can we outlive their indignation?
When they call up your house, you're nowhere to be found
You say you're not coming out, but you still come around
I know you're no good with secrets
You always seem to forget just what the point is
I hear the words slipping out of your lips

Written by:

Fred Thomas

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