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This song is by Satellites and appears on the album Satellites.04: Glitch (2016).

I heard the news today
As I boarded the train
I heard the news
I hung on, as the train pulled away
I shut my eyes and I wished the message away
San Francisco held such fond memories for me
Now it shall forever be, the place where I heard the news
And you are unforgiven

I heard the news, my blood boiled
Alight the train
I heard the news
How could you?
You of all people knew
You watched the colours fade
You saw the smile without the eyes
You felt the aftermath
You did know better
You're in excused, you are
I will not cry for you now
Cause you are unforgiven

No place for sympathy
No time for love
Your place of sanctuary tears me apart
Your path resulted in chaos and hurt
You are at peace now and I can't forget.

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