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Good Ride Down

This song is by Satellite Soul.

I'm not afraid of losing you
Maybe I'm just confused about myself
I took a chance on loving you
You took a chance on three long days in hell

And it's never enough
Why do the going get tough
For someone else?
These are the lies I tell myself

It's a good ride down
That's my confession
It's a good ride down
Another night obsessing

It's a good ride
You're the one
Never giving up until you're saving me from
Myself, you and no one else

Better forget the honesty
Maybe I didn't know
You were the one putting it all together for me
Maybe I left it all

To come undone
Prayers from a non believing
Mendicant wandering ahead
You were finding me instead

I'm not afraid of losing you
Maybe I lost myself along the way
Better forget my innocence
Maybe I messed it up


Written by:

Fred Brooks; Lester Judson

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