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The Shunned Angel

This song is by Sargeist and appears on the album Feeding The Crawling Shadows (2014).

Legacy of your creator
Made you blind to the world
To think the only purpose to exist
Is to wither in his spiritless light

All the days accounted for
Seeking the love of thy father
Ensured of your greatest illusion
The heavenly paradise

Embrace the Shunned One
First angel of true knowledge
The one your jealous creator
Thought to have beaten

Pray for the true power
Which shall awaken the soul
And open His dark kingdom
Which lies deep in your heart

For it is prince Lucifer
Nay, the uncrowned King!
Who guides man with wisdom
And secrets of the ancient art

Hail Satan - the adversary!
First to question god's folly
For this is the righteous path
The gospel of truth!

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