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Kingdom Below

This song is by Sargeist and appears on the album Feeding The Crawling Shadows (2014).

Waking from a dream
In the middle of the night
Glow of the frozen moon
Gently caressing my face
Hearing voices from afar
Beginning to chant

I rise from the resting place
Only to realize my feet
The decaying ground
I look and see above me
Nothing but murky soil
Yet beneath me I see
The starless sky ablaze

As above so below
Yet everything here is twisted
A tormented netherworld
Filled with agonizing terror
Crowned with my own entrails
A morbid king I am made

Pillars rise with corpses piled
In monumental worship
Of all they which must die
Chilling winds attempting to sing
Yet only wails emerge
Crashing at my maddening senses
Do not touch the familiar floor
Something cold and slimy
Reaching out for me
Stench of Mala Fide

Hands pulling me underneath

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