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This song is by Sarcolytic and appears on the album Thee Arcane Progeny (2010).

The black storms enflare
The sun unforgiving
The days of dryness and dust-
Cast upon by the celestial creator
He who decrees the fates
Lord Enki- Bearded tired and old
A forbidden return decreed

Reveal the secrets of the fevers, suffering, starvation, plagues
Earth has shut her womb
Engraved scripture-Arch dictator decree!
Eclipsed of all light shadowed beneath death's veil
The commandments of extinction
Revelation in your hands taken

The arrival of the befouled
From Lahmu toil they siege
Procreation by Marduk's design
Semen into the wombs of earthly daughters pour
In the flesh, an oddity has been born

His brilliant eyes speak the lies of creation
His palour that of ashen soil
With Galzu's steps of majesty
The great knower of all destined

Lord of the great waters
Deluge from the south
House of abandoned lament

The lands of the devastated
Submersed craft of the preserved
Cradled by the mountain of salvation
The north, bearer of abundant gold
From orbit the Annunaki remain
Fashion the beasts of burden
Fashion the crops of nourish

Doomed to an extinction mankind shall be
Essence extract the seeds of life
The multitude if earthlings not be saved
From Earth's drowned face
Primitive slaves, returned to the serpentine valleys of clay
With Galzu's steps of majesty
The great knower of all destined
The unbroken seal of Anu
Fear and famine grace your tongue

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