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Get Home

This song is by Sarah Slean and appears on the album The Baroness (2008).

You can stay the night
You can look me in the eye
You can fake your way to the finish line
But don't you dare profess to love me
When you're lying to another
That's not love that's just wishing
Wish and love are not the same thing

Get home get home
Take a look at her
You know you know
That you love her

Mr. Masquerade
You're getting good at this charade
Go on fool yourself with talk of poetry
But don't you dare pretend you're sorry
To me you're just a tourist
You've got to stand next to the real ones
Because you know you'll never be one

Get home get home
Nothing more to say
You know you know
That you'll never change

You'll never change
And I don't play the game
With liars and cowards
Liars and cowards
Liars and cowards
Like you

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